The Taste of Many Mountains



The global coffee trade is a collision between the rich world and the poor world.

A group of graduate students is about to experience that collision head-on.

Angela, Alex, Rich, and Sofi a bring to their summer research project in Guatemala more than their share of grad-school baggage—along with clashing ideas about poverty and globalization. But as they follow the trail of coffee beans from the Guatemalan peasant grower to the American coffee drinker, what unfolds is not only a stunning research discovery, but an unforgettable journey of personal challenge and growth.

Based on an actual research project on fair trade coffee funded by USAID, The Taste of Many Mountains is a brilliantly-staged novel about the global economy in which University of San Francisco economist Bruce Wydick examines the realities of the coffee trade from the perspective of young researchers struggling to understand the chasm between the world’s rich and poor.

“Wydick’s first novel is brewed perfectly—full of rich body with double-shots of insight.” —Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, President and CEO of Compassion International

'This wonderfully enlightening book describes the Mayan culture in Guatemala and some of the sufferings these people have survived.' —CBA Retailers + Resources

Includes Reading Group Guide

Contributor(s) Bruce Wydick
About the Contributor(s) Bruce Wydick
Bruce Wydick is professor of economics and international studies at the University of San Francisco.He has published academic articles in leading economics journals such as the Journal of Political Economy , the Economic Journal , and the Journal of Development Economics and was the lead investigator of the worldwide impact study of Compassion International's child sponsorship program.His book Games in Economic Development was published by Cambridge University Press.He has alsowritten for USA Today , the San Francisco Chronicle , and the San Jose Mercury News , as well as Christianity Today . He is alsoa contributing editor at PRISM magazineand a faculty advisor to the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group at USF.Wydick is an active member of Berkeley Covenant Church with his wife, Leanne, and two young daughters, Allie and Kayla.
ISBN-10 1401689922
ISBN-13 9781401689926
Release Date Aug 5, 2014
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Length 320
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Publisher Thomas Nelson
Format Paperback
Language English

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