The Evangelicals: What They Believe, Where They Are, and Their Politics



About The Evangelicals

In the changing political, social, and religious landscape of the West, the term evangelical is increasingly losing meaning and credibility. Although some people say there is no unity to what evangelicals believe, church historian Christopher Catherwood sets out to prove otherwise, stating, “We are a people defined by our beliefs, and that is what distinguishes us in our twenty-first century postmodern times.” Catherwood delivers a succinct and organized review of the global evangelical movement, looking at its earliest days, current place in world Christianity, political and social influence, unifying theological doctrinal beliefs, and its view on eschatology.

Using the doctrinal basis of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students and the 1974 Lausanne Covenant, Catherwood summarizes evangelical beliefs before describing the scope of the global church and the shift of evangelicalism’s center from the global North and West to the South and East. Catherwood demonstrates that the term evangelical is not only meaningful, but necessary. Anyone wanting to know about the past, present, and future of evangelicalism will find this book helpful.


Christopher Catherwood (PhD, University of East Anglia) is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and member of both Churchill and St. Edmund's Colleges at Cambridge University. He was a fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in 2010 and medalist in 2014. Christopher lives in a village near Cambridge with his wife, Paulette.


“Bright, breezy, and wearing his learning lightly, historian Catherwood has crafted a most illuminating cross-sectional review of the global evangelical movement as it is today. I found it unputdownable; I think many others will too.”
J. I. Packer, Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College

“Christopher Catherwood knows history, but not the dry and dusty kind. This book tells a living story in a lively way. It is a kind of ‘editorial meets story time.’ Christopher has all that you need to write a compelling book—style and information, specific examples and opinions. And he knows everyone! So this is not a dry ‘book for the ages’; this is a book for today. If you want to know who evangelicals are and what they’re about, this book will tell you—and this man knows what he’s talking about.”
Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington DC; President, 9Marks

“The Evangelicals is a good book to give those who know of this purportedly weird tribe only from sensationalistic new stories. Christopher Catherwood’s easy-to-read style makes this introduction to evangelical thought and practice like a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime–and it won’t produce any nightmares.”
Marvin Olasky, Editor in Chief, World Magazine

“An eye-opening, stereotype-destroying account of worldwide evangelicalism. Catherwood demonstrates the breadth and dynamism of evangelicals and paints a quite different—and more accurate—picture of them than that often still embraced by secular academics and the secular media—and at times by evangelicals themselves.”
Steve Monsma, senior research fellow, Henry Institude for the study of Christianity and Politics, Calvin College; author, Healing for a Broken World: Christian Perspectives on Public Policy

“Christopher Catherwood’s insider credentials and global contacts make his a voice worth heeding in the evangelical movement. He offers a hopeful take on a God-graced phenomenon spreading worldwide. His critical take on distinctive American traits in evangelicalism will prompt serious reflection.”
Collin Hansen, Editorial Director, The Gospel Coalition; author, Blind Spots


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