Nanovation How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold



Do you have the eyes, the ears, and the hands to be a Nanovator? You're about to find out.

In India, entire families―too poor to afford a car―crowd onto a single motor scooter every day to brave the tangled traffic lurching through the streets. One evening Tata Motor's venerable chairman Ratan Tata witnessed something on those rain-soaked streets that both horrified him and birthed a dream: an overloaded scooter lost traction in a busy intersection and sent several members of the family tumbling across the pavement. In that moment Nanovation took root in Tata's imagination.

The very idea was supposed to be impossible. A safe and appealing family car for the price of a motor scooter? The experts dismissed it. But Ratan Tata was undeterred. When budget constraints, design restrictions, the rising costs of materials, and political agitation threatened to derail the project, Team Nano pressed on. This is the story of how, in the face of insurmountable odds, Tata Motors created one of the greatest innovations in the auto industry since Model-T.

Nanovation has disrupted an entire industry and changed the game for India forever. Imagine what it can do for your business. Is your company changing the way society functions?

What's your Nanovative idea? It's time to get moving!

Warning! Don't read this book unless you are ready to challenge management dogma, taken-for-granted assumptions, and outdated systems by asking 'what if?' and 'why not?' to some of your industry's toughest questions.

But, if you're ready to revolutionize the products you make, the processes you use, and the companies you build, pull up a seat at the drafting table with the creators of the Nano, the most important car to roll off the assembly line in decades. Discover the thinking that bred their ingenuity and the leadership that encouraged them to overcome adversity, to take risks despite their fear of failure, and to innovate beyond their customer's wildest expectations.


'If you're interested in stoking the fires of innovation and making a profit while making a difference, Nanovation is a must read.' ―Indra K. Nooyi, chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

'The Freiberg's deep dive into a company that transformed an entire industry is loaded with hands-on-advice- and a warning not to downsize your dreams!'- Gary Kelly, chairman, president and CEO, Southwest Airlines

'Nanovation is for leaders who want to leave a lasting legacy in the world.' ―Chris Connor, chairman and CEO, Shermin-Williams Company

'Read Nanovation and learn what you can do to create an innovative culture in your organization.' ―Ken Blanchard, co-author One Minute Manager, Full Steam Ahead, and Lead with LUV

'Nanovation is a must read for any leader.' ―Eric Danziger, CEO, Wyndham Hotel Group

'Nanovation is for leaders who want to shake it up.' ―Bruce Bochy, manager, 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants

'Vibrant and energetic, the passion of the authors reflects that of the innovators it chronicles...A practical guide for creating a radical culture of innovation.' ―N.R. Narayana Murthy, founder-chairman and chief mentor, Infosys Ltd.

Contributor(s) Dr. Kevin Freiberg, Jackie Freiberg, Dain Dunston
About the Contributor(s) Dr. Kevin Freiberg
Dr. Kevin Freiberg, one of the nation's top organizational performance consultants and speakers, is the coauthor, with his wife, Dr. Jackie Freiberg, of NUTS! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, an international bestseller. The Freibergs have a thriving global practice and have been interviewed by CBS's 60 Minutes and appeared on CNBC and the CBS Morning News.

Jackie Freiberg
Dr. Jackie Freiberg, with her husband, Dr. Kevin Freiberg, is a best-selling author and speaker, whose clients include American Express, Caterpillar, Frito Lay, and General Motors. The Freibergs have also published in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
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